Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Another night, deprived of slumber..."

~*9:45 p.m.*~

Medium: Daddy?  I have to go potty.

Hubby [tired of excuses and stall tactics that prolonged bedtime more than an hour before]: Go potty and go back to bed!

Medium whimpers, but does as she's told.

~*11:15 p.m.*~

Medium:  Daddy?  Daddy?

I groggily recognize her shouting for Hubby through the haze of migraine meds (and migraine pain).

Hubby: You'd better have a good excuse for being up!

Medium: My bow is untied.

The bow on her pajama pants.  The decorative one.

Hubby [nearly roaring]: GET BACK IN BED!


Medium [having clambered up onto our bed]: Mommy?

Me [groggily]: What, honey?

Medium: Can you move over so I can get inna middle?

I don't have much room, mind you.  Hubby is laying on his back.  I'm laying on my side.  Not a whole lot of mattress real estate between me and the edge of the bed.

I scoot over anyway, and Medium burrows inbetween us.  She lets out a snuffling sigh and goes to sleep.

~*Several (?) hours later, perhaps around 5 a.m.*~

Medium whimpers and sniffles and noisily rubs her hand up and down on her nose.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Hubby: Medium, go get a tissue.

Medium [whining]: I don't know how!

Hubby: Go to the bathroom and get some toilet paper.

Medium [whining]: I don't know how!

About 30 seconds later, I hear Medium shuffle out of our room and down the hall.  I presume Hubby just lifted her right out of bed and set her on the floor.

~*5 minutes later*~

Medium [whining and low-volume wailing]:  Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy! Daaaaddddy!

I got up and limped down the hall (the weather changes have been making my ankle ache).  Medium is in the hall bath, light on, standing by the toilet and whimpering.

Me: What is the problem?

Medium [whining]: It's too bright!

I turned off the light.

Medium [whining]: Now it's too dawrk!

Me: Blow your nose and go back to bed.

Medium [whining]: I don't know how!

Me [exasperated]: Yes, you do!  Blow your nose and go back to bed!

I turned and went back to bed myself.  Shortly, I heard the door to the twins' room open and close as Medium went back to bed.

~*15 minutes later*~

Medium: Mommy?  Mommy?

Me: What?

Medium: My duck is inna middle.

Hubby: No, it's not.

I located Duckie between and underneath pillows and tossed it to Medium.

She had the audacity to pop her thumb in her mouth, grin at me, and bumble back down the hall.

~*1:45 p.m.*~

My doctor asks if the migraine I've been dealing with has interfered at all with my sleep.

The migraine?  Not so much.  It's more of a persistent, annoying, low-level migraine.  It just won't go away.

When I related the story of how my night had gone, doctor just smiled and nodded in empathy.

She's got four kids herself.

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  1. I've always considered myself fortunate that all of my kids love to sleep. Once they're down, they're down until at least sun-up.


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