Sunday, March 4, 2012

Conjugate "Melt"

Meltdown: n.  When a small child comes completely unhinged because Daddy took her twin with him (but not her) when he went to pick up pizza for dinner.  (Those of the nuclear variety are less powerful.)

Melt: v.  To liquefy, become mooshy.

Hubby & Small (18 months)
Melting: adj. What my heart does when Hubby comes home, and Small Fry grins from where she's leaning against me, and he asks if she needs a hug.  Small's grin becomes huge around the thumb in her mouth, and I gently tickle her side.  "Do you need a hug from him?" I asked.  Small grinned some more.  Hubby feinted coming to give her a hug a couple of times.  "Go get him," I whispered.  And then all three Fries took off after him, chasing him to the kitchen, while Hubby shrieked with glee, "No!  Don't hug me!  Don't hug me!  I don't wanna hug! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

They caught him.

Much giggling ensued.

Much hugging, too.

And much melting of my heart.

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  1. Thank-You for sharing this story.
    My daughters and I had a similar routine about getting a kiss.


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