Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm thinking perhaps we need to concentrate on letter sounds....

I'm in the kitchen, cutting up chicken breast for tonight's dinner (chicken pot your heart out, SnarkyDad).  Small Fry is sitting on one of the stools at the island, keeping me company, and looking at a book designed to go in an electronic reader.

Small [pointing]: Who is dat?

Me: Caillou.

Small:  Who's called Caillou's mom?

Me: I don't know her name.  She's just Caillou's mom.

Small:  Oh.  Buh-buh-book.  What starts with book?

Me: Book starts with "b."

Small continues to look at the pictures and is happily talking to herself, while I keep working on getting dinner assembled.

Small: Buh-buh-duck.

Me: Duck starts with "d," honey.

Small: Duh-duh-duck.

Me: That's right.

Small:  Buh-buh-book.  Buh-buh-duck.  Buh-buh-panda bear.  Buh-buh-tiger.  Buh-buh-dinosaur.

Yeah, I was glad I was done cutting up chicken about then.

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