Friday, March 30, 2012

Angels are launching confetti cannons.

The kids were bugging us tonight that they wanted to watch the "Easter movie" after dinner.  Pestering.  Begging.  Even the arrival of Tex, one of the much-loved boys in our youth group, didn't distract them.

Hubby relented, and then a search commenced for the DVD.

Large Fry eventually found it.

It's an animated, family-friendly, two half-hour-long segment movie called (brilliantly) The Animated Passion.  I looked at the run time--90 minutes--and really hoped, as I looked at the clock on the wall that read fifteen minutes to bedtime, that those 90 minutes included the extra half hour of bonus features.

It's a good thing that it was broken into two half-hour segments, because Small Fry started bawling at the end of the first episode.  The crucifixion scene had ended, Jesus had died, and she was in tears.  We had to take a short break for Hubby to explain why Jesus died.  That he died for us, so that we could someday be with him.

The resurrection episode was much easier on the emotions.

The Fries went to get ready for bed, and then Large Fry came downstairs, indignant that Small Fry had dared to call her a sinner.

Hubby explained that we're all sinners, so Small was right.  He went on to explain that Jesus died to take the punishment for our sin, and used the example of Large stepping in and taking Medium's rightful punishment for lying, when Large hadn't done anything wrong, as what Jesus did on the cross for us.

By then, the twin Fries had joined us, and we did bedtime prayers right here in the den.

Medium prayed first.  Then Small, who told God how much she loved her sisters and loved her mommy.  (Awww.)  Hubby asked Large what she wanted to pray for.  Large was still thinking, so he looked at me.

We hadn't really mentioned that I'd lost my job to the kids, so I said I didn't really have anything.

"You can't pray for ice cream this time," Large said with a giggle.  (I confess!  I did pray for ice cream about a week ago.)  "God already told me you can't have any, or you'll get fat!"

So Hubby prayed for me.  And then Large finally prayed.

She said just enough in her prayer about sins and forgiveness and not wanting to do bad things that Hubby asked me to take the twins up and tuck them in while he talked with Large for a bit.

When I came back downstairs about five minutes later, I was so glad that I didn't just go to bed like I'd contemplated.

Hubby and Large were talking about what it means to give your life to Jesus, to ask him to forgive your sins and live in your heart.

He stressed that this was Large Fry's decision.  She had to choose.  And if she wanted to ask Jesus in her heart tonight, we would help her.  But it had to be her choice.  "Do you want to pray tonight?" Hubby asked.  "Or later?"

"I want to pray tonight," Large said.

Hubby listed the five things she needed to tell God.  "You know you're a sinner. You're sorry for those sins.  Ask for forgiveness.  Ask for help in not listening to the devil.  Please come live in your heart."

Large pointed out that he first said four things.  Hubby smiled and said he just forgot.  Then he asked Large if she wanted to pray herself, or if she wanted help.  She wanted help.

So, right there, on my cozy brown sectional, we stopped everything else, held hands, and Hubby helped Large pray, asking God to forgive her, help her stop listening to the devil, and to have Jesus come live in her heart.

While Hubby and I were just sitting there, hearts about to explode, he asked, "Do you feel any different?"

Large shook her head.

Hubby smiled.  "That's okay."

"Is Jesus happy?" Large asked.

Hubby's grin stretched from ear to ear.  He leaned into her conspiratorially.  "The Bible says," he confided, "that, when someone gives their heart to Jesus, the angels have a party!"

Large Fry's dark-chocolate eyes went wide and sparkly.  "Really?"

"Yep.  Every time somebody asks Jesus into their heart, they have a party.  When you started praying, they got real quiet, wanting to hear every word.  And when you said 'amen,' they started cheering."

"Did they have a party for Mommy?"

"A long time ago," I told her.

"They were just winding down from hers," Hubby told Large with a wink.

"Hey, those angels love to party!"

I hope their party goes on into the night.


  1. Excellent. I'm house sitting for friends for 12 days. I'll work virtual a few days then will use vacation. If I hadn't been able, their trip would have had to have been canceled (multiple, elderly pets). I will get caught up on your posts and drop you a note!

    1. Enjoy your housesitting (I see that Barkley is competing with the cats for attention). I'll look forward to hearing from you!

  2. That's so sweet and cool and full of awesomeness! What a great post! See, you went from having a bad day because of losing your job to having a great day because your daughter got saved! Amen! :)

    1. It was the icing on the cake, that's for sure!

  3. Not all the angels are in heaven.

    Bless you!

    1. Right now, I have my email address in my profile. I may need to remove that due to my most recent post, which I felt I needed to block comments on.


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