Tuesday, March 13, 2012


...hilarious anecdotes to share.  At least I think they're hilarious.  They may be figments of my fever-addled brain.

...different medicines that I'm now taking.  Second visit to the doc today in less than a week, and for two different things.

Mika takes his hovering seriously.
...big, fat couch pillows that I'm huddled into.

And one slender, svelte kitty who has been hovering for days.  He's still hovering.  What a sweetheart.

I apparently have a sinus infection run amok, and my throat is so raw and sore that the PA in the clinic today was actually quite surprised.

He was not surprised when I told him it had been so sore last night that I'd had trouble staying asleep.

More later, when I don't feel like I'd need to be dead three days to feel better.  Or worse.  I'm really not sure which right now.

I think I shall doze with Disney's The Great Mouse Detective helping to keep Large Fry occupied until Hubby can get home and I can go retreat to bed.

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