Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christmas in February: A Photo Essay

My sister and her family live in Romania, where they work as missionaries.  They're back in the States right now on what will be an all-too-brief furlough, and since they weren't here in December, we had Christmas again on February 25th.

Medium & Boppa: Best Buds


Uncle C & Auntie JS looking at the present Large Fry made for them.

Open!  Open!  Open!
A present for ME?!
A, nearly a year old, opens his present under Sis & Small's watchful eyes.


A's electronic birthday cake, a present from Gramma & Boppa.

What did R get?


Santa remembered Hubby.

...and Gramma.

...and Boppa.

A very happy Medium.

Look what WE got!

Yook, Unca D.  I got twains.


Medium with her new stuffed Nala.

Pound it, R.

Medium, show him how it's done.

Hugs for Gramma!

Hugs for Boppa!

Sis & BIL laughing over their iTunes gift cards...'cause they just used up the last ones we gave 'em.

What did A get?

Every boy needs his own Pooh Bear.

It's Matewr, Unca D!

Sis laughing over her gift of Cadbury creme eggs (which she can't get in Romania).

Kids at play!

Electronic birthday cake: sleeper hit gift.

Small, R, & BIL, playing with R's train set.

Hugs for Auntie JS!

Nala is getting you, Unca C!

Father & son.

Riding Uncle C.

Father & son, take two.  I love this shot.

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