Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Allow me to warn you.

I cannot be sure this link will work, and if it doesn't, please comment and I'll just copy and paste the story into a new post.

Because it's so worth it.

Don't click yet!

Because, while it's worth it, it's also worth a few warnings:

  • Do not be snacking whilst reading.
  • Do not attempt to drink anything.
  • I highly recommend not having a full bladder.

And, by all means, inflict it on your friends.  It's what good friends do.

My diaphragm muscle still aches from reading it out loud to Hubby, who knew far more than the writer of this tale, to the point that he was predicting what would happen next.

Go forth, read, and laugh!

1 comment:

  1. I read that somewhere else years ago, always as side splitter, I'm glad he shared that! (and you!)


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