Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tuesday Evening

I had to take Large Fry to her counseling appointment.  However, Small Fry wanted Hubby to take Large Fry so that I could stay home with her and her twin.

Apparently, after I left, she cried because I didn't stay home.  Hubby said he hugged her and told her Mommy would be home with her tonight because daddy had practice. She seemed to be okay with that.


Small Fry: I'm hungry.

Hubby: Well, what should we do about that?

Small: I want macawroni and cheese.

Hubby: You do?

Small: Thewre's some boxes up in the cupboawrd. It's my vewry favorite kind of food.

Hubby: Macaroni and cheese, huh? I was thinking maybe we would have pizza.

Small: We could have macawroni and cheese some othewr day because pizza is my very favowrite kind of food.

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