Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

Wednesday night is youth group night, and there's always some kind of snack.  Tonight, it was leftover chocolate sheetcake...and the leftovers came home with Hubby and the Fries.

Goodies like chocolate cake and Oreos tend to disappear fast in our house, mostly because of the lack of willpower among certain adults.  Ahem.

While still at the youth house tonight and on the short ride home...

Medium Fry: Did you haff cake wiffout us?

Hubby: Well, no, not a lot of people had cake tonight.

Medium: So can we haff cake?

Hubby: Not tonight, but maybe tomorrow.  I'm bringing it home with us.

Small Fry: Can we haff it for dessewrt aftewr dinnewr?

Hubby: Yes, if you finish all your dinner.

Small: An' you'll save us a piece?

Hubby: Yes, I'll save you a piece.

Medium [indignantly]: Not just one piece. Fwree pieces!

Smart kid. 

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