Friday, March 15, 2013

The Icky-Wickies

We were running ahead of schedule this morning. Really ahead of schedule. So Hubby sent Large Fry upstairs to brush her teeth.

A couple minutes later, he sent Medium Fry up to do the same thing.

There was immediate giggling and talking.

I've been battling a stubborn headache for the last day or so. It's not severely painful, but it's irritating and draining and all I want to do is sleep. I was going to head back to bed anyway, so I started that way as Hubby shouted up to Large.

Hubby: Large, you've had more than enough time to brush your teeth! You'd better not be bothering your sister.

On the last set of steps upstairs, I was able to see into the bathroom.

Me: Out, Large!

She scampered out and passed me on the stairs.

Large: I had some icky-wickies!

Me: Icky-wickies?

That's a new one.

Large [disappearing into the kitchen]: Some buggies in my nose.

It took me a minute.


She had some boogers in her nose.

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