Saturday, March 30, 2013


Small Fry: Dere's a booger wright hewre. [Points to upper left placket of her pajamas.]

Hubby: So get it off thereand throw it away.

Small: I can't. I don't have anyfing to wipe it off with.

Hubby: Use your finger.

Small: Ew!

Hubby: Didn't you use your finger to pick it out of your nose and wipe it on your jammies?

Small [nods]: But I can't touch it!


  1. I about spilled my coffee I was laughing so hard.

    They are such a gift, aren't they.

    Have a wonder Easter as a family.

    1. Never a dull moment around here!

      We had a wonderful Easter. I got to sleep in and stay home with Medium, who has strep (I ended up taking her to the urgent care around 6:30 Saturday night, at which time she'd been sick about, oh, 19 hours, which was not long enough for the rapid strep test to sit up and bark, but the doc was positive the second she looked down Medium's throat), and then, since she'd had 3 doses of antibiotic in her, we joined Hubby and the other Fries and my parents and my aunt and uncle for lunch. Medium is still not quite back to her usual jolly self, but she's obviously on the mend. The last day of our "spring break" is tomorrow (we got a whole four-day weekend), so she even has an extra day to recuperate before she goes back to school.

      Even with all that kind of fun, yep, wouldn't trade 'em. They're priceless.

      Hope you and Barkley had a good Easter, too, and EJ, if he was able to be around. :)


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