Thursday, March 28, 2013

Medium the Great

The Fries just looooove Disney Junior.

Which is fine with me, even if I want to smack Izzy and tell her that not every situation is actually as emergent as she claims, when she starts flinging pixie dust around on Jake and the Never-Land Pirates.  It beats the heck out of the PBS Sprout channel.

They love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They love Minnie's Bow-Tique.  They really love Doc McStuffins, which isn't surprising since the character of Doc is a little girl about 9 who is darker-skinned like them and has curly hair.

They also really love Sofia the First.

The lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Jess Harnell, provides a number of voices for Doc McStuffins and voices Cedric, the palace sorcerer (who's a hilariously inept bad guy), in Sofia.

Any time we watch Disney Junior for any length of time, we see sound bites and blurbs from all of these shows, including one very brief encounter between Cedric and Sofia, who has just told a frustrated Cedric that she couldn't possibly take off the pretty amulet she's wearing, since she promised her new stepdad, the king, that she would never take it off.  Cedric grits his teeth and mumbles as Sofia gives him a cheery smile and walks away.  (To get an idea of Cedric's voice, watch here. The first 30 seconds or so will suffice.)

Now, I told you all of that to tell you this story.

Hubby went out tonight to pick up a prescription that I really hoped had been called in today by my doc's office (not so much, as it turns out).  I was having one of my meltdown moments (thank you, menopause), couldn't stop crying, and so he ran the errand for me, telling Medium Fry—who was the first one ready for bed—to help me out.

Medium Fry: Why awre cats more scawredewr than giwrls?

Me: What?

Medium: Why awre cats more scawredewr than giwrls?

Me [trying to figure out where this came from and giving up almost immediately—Rule #2]: Well, they're not.  They're just different.

Medium: Gwrownups noses' awren't like cat's noses.  How come they'wre not like cats' noses?

(This type of conversational hop-scotching isn't uncommon when talking with Medium.)

Me [not even batting an eye]: Because grownups' noses are just big versions of little people's noses, not cats' noses.

Medium: An' they don't have whiskewrs.

Me: And they don't have whiskers.

Medium: How irritatingly charming.

I could not stop the giggle.  Could. Not.

Because those three words right there are the words Cedric mutters, sotto voce, after Sophia tells Cedric she won't remove the amulet.

And Medium said them with the right inflection and almost the right accent as Cedric does.

Medium [somewhat indignant]: What?

Me: That was just cute, what you said.

Medium [sort of frowning at my continued amusement]: Well, I always say that now.


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