Friday, March 22, 2013

The "IE" Conspiracy

I was in the downstairs bathroom when I overheard the twins competing against each other as to who could say the pledge of allegiance loudest.

Twins [mostly together]: I pwedge allegiance to da flag of da United States of Amewwica, an' to da wrepublic, fowr which it stands...

Medium: nation, undewr God...

Small: nation, undewr Goddie...

Medium: That's not how it goes!

Small: It's how I say it! [slightly louder] One nation, undewr Goddie, innivisible...

Twins [mostly together]: Wif libewrty an' justice fo' all.

And you can pretty much repeat the entire conversation again, verbatim.

The debate continued over whether our nation is under "God" or under "Goddie."

God has enough of a sense of humor that I'm pretty sure he was amused by Small's insistence on referring to him as "Goddie."

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