Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snow Day: A Photo Essay

At the top of the hill!

Medium heads down first.

We joined Hubby's youth group kids.

Love the hair.

PeeJay's youngest son.

Double decker. This will end well.

Told you.

I love Large's face here.

Off to wreak mischief!

Involuntary train....


Large decided she wanted to make a snowman.

Mitten adjustment.

I've got a snowball!

*happy shrieks*

Tab braves the hill on a saucer.

Those darn saucers. They never go straight.

Big boys.

They're just little boys who stretched.

Two-D and Small make a snowman.

Fixing the track, not bashing in Medium.

PeeJay's oldest son and Medium.

They didn't quite make it down the hill together.

Although they did go farther than I thought.


Go, Hubby!

Snowman ruminations.

Yep, backwards!

Go, Tab!


*drumroll with flair*  WIPEOUT!

Another snowman...

Large at the bottom!

Medium of the Flushed Cheeks

Lovely hat, isn't it?

Snowball fight!

Large joins in.

Didn't quite capture the way the sun was breaking
 through the clouds, but it was close.

Cocoa break!

Small is on the sled in front of just can't see her.

Small didn't want my help bringing the sled back up.

Finally braved the hill herself.

Oh, this will work...


This 3-person pileup was only supposed to be two...

It disintegrated rapidly.


Two-D helps Small set up for another run.

Just chillin'.

Two-D was not expecting to go down the hill.

I think she had fun anyway.

Piggyback sledding!

Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

I love this picture, even though Medium looks a bit
like she's going to chomp on D's neck.

Got this great shot of Tab quite by accident.

Waiting for her buddy to come give her a push....


Yes, she went down the hill like this.  The whole way.


I did it, Mommy!

Tab and D had a collision...and it exploded.

And the chase is on!


Tab gives D a piggyback ride.  I think they weigh about the same...

Piggyback ending.

Hi, Mommy!

Big kids on the playground! 


Here's the pitch!

Swing and a miss!

Next pitch...


A and the twins, who love him lots.

Love Small's face.

Love A's face here, too.

Impromptu service project! We found that a couple of the playground
slides had been spraypainted earlier in the day.

It was still wet, so the snow cleaned it right off.

We've got such good kids.

Watch me, Mommy!

Orange snow.  Don't eat it.

We're awesome!

Medium, making snow angels.

Snow-pile seat.

Small making snow angels.

You can kinda see the snow angel Small made.

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