Friday, March 1, 2013

If I wasn't convinced before, I sure am now.

I ran down to the next town yesterday afternoon to get Large Fry's focus med prescription, then came back home to get it filled.  By the time I finished my short list of errands, it was around 5:30.

I walked into the den and found Small Fry sound asleep.

I took a picture with my phone and went to show Hubby.

He smiled and said that she had fallen asleep against him awhile ago.

I went to wake her up for dinner after Hubby returned with KFC; she'd slept the whole time he was gone, too.  She burst into tears in the kitchen, saying she didn't feel good.  I checked her forehead and went for the temporal thermometer.


Okay then.  Clearly, Small would be missing out on Dr. Seuss Day in the morning.

I gently told her to go back to the couch, and she asked for a bowl.  I got one and followed her, handing it to her none too soon, since she promptly made use of it.


I can handle lots of things just fine in the line of mom duty, but as I've mentioned here before, vomiting just is not one of them.

Thankfully, Small's tummy settled and she conked out on the couch again as we tucked in her sisters.  Small slept through several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation before Hubby carried her up to bed.

This morning, she woke me up at 7 to tell me she was thirsty.  She was cheerier but still quiet, and she still had a low-grade fever, so I stuck by my decision to keep her home.

We spent the morning watching Disney Junior and part of The Sound of Music before I said we needed to stop the movie so we could both go take a nap.

After I picked up Large and Medium from school this afternoon, Small started complaining that her throat hurt.  I grabbed the small flashlight in the kitchen and tried to take a peek at her throat.  Her tonsils were very swollen (I need to speak to her ENT about that)...and streaked with white.

Sudden fever + vomiting + sore throat?

The usual recipe for strep throat in my kids.

We went to the clinic.

It was amazingly quiet for a Friday afternoon.  We got into the exam room, the LPN took Small's vitals (fever 100.3) and said she'd leave the strep test to the PA, and then Small climbed into my lap.  I wrapped my arms around her as she rested her hot little head on my shoulder.

In the five minutes it took for the PA to come in, she fell asleep.

She woke when he arrived.  He peeked in her ears while I described our chain of events, and then looked down her throat.  "My lord!" he exclaimed.

Yeah.  Her tonsils are really swollen.

He sent the antibiotic script off to our usual pharmacy, confirming my diagnosis, and sent us on our way.

As we approached the checkout counter, where I'd get the paperwork for today's visit, Small said quietly, "I don't want any stickers today."

Well.  That's usually the highlight of any visit to the doctor's office.

"Really?  No stickers?" I said as the receptionist reached for the sticker box.

Small, thumb popped in her mouth, shook her head.

She must really not feel well if she doesn't even want stickers.

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, with a couple of doses of antibiotic in her, she should be feeling much better.


  1. Poor little thing. Hope she feels better. My kids went through a streak with strep and sinus stuff one right after another. At least she seems to be a quiet sick child.

    1. Oh, she's back to her usual chipper, crazy self. (Amazing what a few doses of antibiotic will do for a kid.)

      And she's only quiet when she's REALLY sick. I have had to nearly tie all three of mine to the couch on various occasions, because they apparently smuggled in some Mexican jumping beans with their antibiotics (or their Cheerios), and while they were too sick for school, they were quite sure they were not so sick that they couldn't bounce around the house.

      Never a dull moment.


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