Friday, August 17, 2012

A Day's Review

  • Left threatening message for those blasted little sock elves that must be the ones kiping Large Fry's shorts.  She has at least three more pairs, and they're not in her dirty clothes hamper, not hiding in her room that I can find, not hiding in the twins' room, and not hiding downstairs by the laundry room.  I know, because I've searched.  And since everything but what she wore today is clean now, it's not 'cause they're hiding in the dirty clothes hamper in my bedroom.  I have no idea where they are, and it's really irritating me.  I heard snickering, so I know the elves found my message.  I just don't think they were intimidated at all.
  • The kids got themselves breakfast, so I fixed myself something to eat.  Then I started scrounging the pantry for the stuff I'd need to bake cookies today.
  • Great.  I have no baking soda.  How'd I miss that?
  • Moving right along.  I was going to do peanut butter cookies anyway, because I'm a nice wife who understands her husband's love of all things peanut butter is second only to his love of bacon, and I'm just using a mix for that.  One egg and a third of a cup of oil.  I can do that.
  • Great.  I only have two eggs left.
  • Texted Hubby.  Said I needed him to get baking soda and a dozen eggs on his way home.  Forgot to tell him we were almost out of butter, or that we're so close to being out of liquid dish soap that he should get those things too.
  • Fixed lunch.
  • Tried to bake peanut-butter mini-cupcake cookies with the kids' "help."  Ended up pressing Medium and Large into service, unwrapping Hershey's Kisses.  You can't have peanut butter cookies without chocolate shoved into 'em right after they come out of the oven, in my mind.
  • Hubby wasn't home from work yet, sooo...folded two baskets full of clean clothes.  It looks like a small, haphazardly-organized clothing store erupted in my den.
  • Finished a book in only about two and a half days.  That's unheard-of around these parts, folks.  At least, in the last four years.
  • Plugged's free browser plug-in to no less than half a dozen friends who are not thrilled that they've been forced into Timeline.
  • Mediated several disputes from the downstairs Throne Room.  Again.
  • Refused to let the kids watch TV multiple times.
  • Discovered that the Music Bullet is exactly that.  It shoots holes in your music rather than acting like a speaker.  Maybe if I run the battery all the way down, and totally recharge it, I'll have better luck with sound quality.  I bought the thing solely for the purpose of not having to lug a stereo speaker set along with us on vacation, so the kids can have their music at night, when they go to sleep.
  • Got involved in deep nomenclature discussion with Small and Large Fries.  Left my heart very unsettled.  Managed to hold it together until Hubby came home.
  • Barely managed to keep the tattered thoughts and feelings at bay while Hubby ran out to the corner store for butter.  (And, as it turned out, a four-pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  $5 minimum on charges.)
  • Hubby finished fixing dinner.  By then, he seemed a lot less grumpy than he had earlier, which didn't help my unraveling rope.
  • Washed one last load of clothes.
  • Hubby informed me that there was mac & cheese for dinner.  I nodded, and went upstairs.  Sometimes, you just have to have a good cry.  (Although, I'm not sure what all is really good about it, other than the catharsis of released emotions.)  Hubby and the kids had elected to eat in the den, and were watching Bambi 2 on Disney Junior.  The Great Prince was chewing Bambi out about something, and  it was just too much.  I couldn't sit there and watch it.  I retreated to my bedroom, bawled like a baby for five minutes, and then crashed on the bed.  I figured maybe I needed to just rest for awhile.  Mika came in and kept me company.  I must really have been out of sorts, because he also licked my hand.  (I didn't actually sleep, but the rest felt great.)
  • About 7:30, Small Fry came into the room.  "Mommy?" she asked.  I turned, and she flipped on the light.  "It's soda time!" she said cheerfully, and brought me a cold Dr Pepper.
  • Since I now had eggs and baking soda, I started churning out cookies.
  • The cookie tally: two batches of orange-carrot cookies (about 5 dozen), 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies, and 4 dozen peanut butter blossom cups.  When I remembered I still needed to glaze the carrot cookies (which results in the whole orange part), I abandoned my ideas of making a batch of my world-famous ginger bends (I make 'em chewy, so they don't "snap").
  • Successfully created carrot cookie glaze.
  • Cleaned garbage disposal (I cut up the abused oranges and ran 'em through it).
  • Glazed cookies.  Barely had enough.  That always happens.  I think I've got oodles, and I end up using it all.  They need to sit out overnight before I can store them.
  • Collected piles of kids' clothes for vacation.
  • Put laundry in dryer.
  • Gave Weasel the evil eye for jumping on my careful piles.  He probably thinks he's starving again.  He usually does.
  • Good golly, is it really quarter to 11?  No.  It's quarter to 12.  I'm going to bed.

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