Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There I was...

I had innocently gone upstairs to get a bandaid for a small cut on my thumb...and found the girls playing dress-up...

...and found myself pressed into service as wedding photographer.  Which was kind of odd, since I'd heard Large Fry say something to her sisters about getting a baby for the anniversary (it's been on their minds ever since our wedding anniversary last week), but these are my kids, and oddity is really unsurprising.


"Mommy, take our pictewre!  We'wre at da wedding!" Small enthused.

Small Fry was wearing a dress we'd gotten as a hand-me-down several years ago, when it was ridiculously big on any of the girls but Large had thought it was so pretty that we took it anyway for the expressed purpose of playing dress-up.  (It's still too big for any of them to wear it for anything other than dress-up.)

Medium Fry wasn't wearing anything extra, but she was helping Large Fry "get dressed."  Large had pulled on a stretchy lace child's full slip, which was probably too small for her when she was half her current size (no idea how she didn't rip it when she put it on).  It barely reached Large's hips.  Medium had just thrown the Batman cape, which we'd gotten from Hubby's sister-in-law two Thanksgivings ago (Medium had fallen in love with it), over Large Fry's head and was tugging it down to her waist to serve as a train. Large's pink doll blanket that Gramma had made for last Christmas was tucked in front as the skirt.

It appeared that Medium was to be the FOTB, Large the bride, and Small the MOTB.

My stomach quietly griped that it was still waiting on Cheerios or something (the kids had already had breakfast), and Medium was still fussing over Large's ensemble.

Finally, I insisted that, if they really wanted me to play photographer, they all needed to come out into the hall, in the sunlight through the skylight, and let me take their pictures so that I could go eat.

They trooped out and Medium arranged everyone to her satisfaction, giving Small Fry the bean-filled pillowy princess backpack to wear and positioning Large in the middle between her "parents."  And they called out various phrases to smile to as I snapped several pictures with my cell phone's camera.
Medium (FOTB), Large (Bride), Small (MOTB)

"Now can we do silly pictewres!"  Small was really not asking a question there.  I dutifully took a silly-face picture.

As I headed downstairs, promising my stomach some food, and toot sweet, I heard this:

Small: Awre dese my nippewls?

Medium: No, dat's youwr fowrwawrd-facing backpack.

Small [disappointed]: Oh.  I wanted dem to be my nippewls.

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