Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am either a really good mom...

...or I am more than half a bubble off plumb.
Told you it was tiny.

I'm sitting here, "drinking" pretend tea that Small Fry has poured for me.  (I think this is about my fifth cup, and she's overloading me with "lemons" for my tea, just like Gramma likes.)

Small Fry isn't even in the room.

None of the kids are in the room.

And I'm still sipping from a tiny purple teacup.


  1. The two are interrelated. I have a daughter, therefore I can see pixies flying outside my window. QED

    1. This morning, in the girls' counselor's waiting room (twin appointment today, so one in session and one with me), I spent probably a good half hour petting and cuddling and letting a Beanie Baby kitty snooze on my shoulder. And once the kitty was "asleep," I was still occasionally reaching up and stroking kitty's back...even when Medium was no longer paying attention to my interaction with the kitty.

      These realizations amuse me.

  2. There is nothing wrong with prolonging a totally "Girlie-Girl" moment, sipping imaginary tea from cup smaller than an expresso cup. It's only foolish if you didn't enjoy the tea!

    1. I believe it was too lemony, but other than that, delicious.


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