Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rule #2, Man. Rule #2.

I'm talking on the phone with my dad about the most recent Gaither Music Catalog cover and whether or not the strange-looking guy on the cover art for the Gaither Vocal Band's newest album, sitting there wearing a blue plaid shirt and with a guitar leaning against his leg, is really David Phelps or if Gaither somehow pulled a switcheroo and we didn't know it.

We're about ten minutes into our conversation, and I hear a blood-curdling, decidedly non-happy scream from upstairs.

Small Fry.  Without a doubt.

About a minute later, she comes into the den, where I am.

"Why were you screaming?" I asked her.

"Becawse Medium an' Lawrge were twying to pwretend to eat me, an' I didn't want them to!"


Yeah, there's not a whole lot I could say to that one.  Dad heard Small's explanation through the phone and chuckled.

Oh, and if you were wondering, it is still David Phelps on the GVB cover.  With much shorter, darker hair, a mustache, and wearing clothes that would make a hillbilly prouder'n dirt.  Very much not looking like the guy on his website.

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