Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So I staggered into the bathroom around 4:30ish (heavy on the -ish) this morning, and thought for sure that I'd finally run out of luck and had caught the bug Small Fry had last week.  The nausea was overwhelming.  I couldn't tell if I was feverish, but I figured that was a secondary concern.

I wobbled back to bed, noticing that Medium had crawled in some time in the last couple of hours.  It probably took me another half hour or so to really get back to sleep.  I was out of it enough that I wasn't sure if I was really feeling sick, or if I was still mostly asleep during my constitutional and I was dreaming the whole thing.  Either way, I tried to breathe through it (does Lamaze work for nausea too?), and eventually fell asleep.

No fever when I woke up this morning.

The nausea, however, remained.  Not as nasty, but it was still there.

As was the persistent ache in my head.


Sneak-attack migraine that hit so severely in my sleep that I thought I was getting sick.

I woke the kids and got them dressed and Hubby helped with hair, and then took off on his bike for work.

I drove the Fries the whole third of a mile to the counselor's office, because the twins had an appointment this morning.

When I got there, and the counselor's car wasn't there and the office was dark, I whipped out my phone just as Small Fry cried, "Whewre is she?"

The appointment is tomorrow.

Migraine = Idiocy.  Or forgetfulness.  Something.

We came home.

I quietly but strictly ordered the Fries that there will be no shouting (even in glee), no whining, no fighting, and they will be kind and speak gently to each other, because my head hurts.

Then I downed rescue meds.

These stupid things do seem to come in cycles.

I'll go months without having one, and then have a stretch where I get them frequently.  Looks like that's where I am right now.

Thank goodness the kids are being pretty good today.  I guess sweetly-whispered threats work.

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