Monday, August 27, 2012

"Daddy, why is Mommy crying?"

My babies started kindergarten today.
Small, Medium, and Large: K, K, and 2nd grade.

I did really good.

I grabbed the camera before we left the house.

When did they all get so big?

I did great as we walked across the street to the school.  I was more concerned with making sure traffic stopped for us and everybody stayed in the crosswalks like they're supposed to than I was with why we were making this walk.

We've never done the first day of school for kindergarten with walking students before; Large rode the bus when she started kindergarten.  This was a new experience, and kindergarten was *muffled* years ago for me, and three more than that for Hubby.

I was impressed.

The teachers carefully retrieved all the kindergarteners off the buses first, along with all kindergarten walkers like Medium and Small.
Heading for that last hug.

Small threw a last-second hug at Hubby.  Medium just went with the flow right on into the school.

I got nothin'.

And I stopped being good and let the tears fall.

Large was still standing with us.  She tugged on Hubby's hand.  "Daddy, why is Mommy crying?"

"Because Medium and Small are starting school, and it makes her kinda happy and sad at the same time."

A very simple explanation for the overwhelming emotions I was feeling.

But it worked, and Large skipped off into school herself.

"Are you okay?" Hubby asked me.

"No!" I sniffled.

 We went back home.

And I took a nap to escape reality for awhile.

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