Monday, August 20, 2012

Old Maid

My mom bought three kids' card games for our vacation this week: Crazy 8s, Go Fish, and Old Maid.

Tonight, Gramma promised Large Fry that we could play games after dinner.  Immediately the twin Fries wanted to play, too.  Gramma quickly determined that we'd have to split up kids and games.  Each group would play a game, and then we'd switch.

Good plan, but only in theory.  Dinner ran long, so we did split up the group of us to play games, but we didn't switch.

Hubby laid on the floor with the twins, and they played "Go Fish."  Their game was punctuated by peals of child laughter as Small Fry either said "Go swim!" or "Goldfish!" every time she meant "Go Fish."

Mom, Dad, Large Fry and I first played Crazy 8s.  There's a game that lasted only a single hand.  Either we needed harder rules, as Dad observed, or we needed a better shuffling job.

We moved on to Old Maid.  I ended up dealing, to explain to Large Fry how all the cards were supposed to be dealt out.  I was lucky enough to deal myself the Old Maid card.  Yay, me!

Large Fry, being the youngest, went first, picking a card from my hand.  Within two hands, Large had the Old Maid card.

Large should never play poker.

Two turns later, Mom pulled a card from Large's hand.

"You got the Old Maid, Gramma!" she cried rather cheerily, all but face-palming herself.

"Don't tell!" Mom said.

"I'm not telling!"

Yeah, Dad and I had to hold back our smirks.

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