Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If you'll excuse me...

I'm going to go over there, sit in the corner, and whimper.

I have a raging headache, Medium Fry is pretending to mew like Mika while she and Large Fry hunt him down (poor Mika), and Small Fry just made the thermometer beep at 100.8.

And my brother has decided he wants to complicate matters.

I'd go scream, but it will hurt my head.

I'll mainline Dr Pepper and take a migraine pill instead.


  1. Ouch. Hope it all works out. It's no fun not feeling well when the spouse is away.

    1. My husband came home early, I escaped to the grocery store, I took the good drugs, and I felt marginally better this morning. Day one is in the can. With Small Fry having a tummy bug, this puts a wrinkle in my pool plans for tomorrow if she's not well enough to go, but I've also got a friend staying with us the next two nights, so I won't totally without adult companionship.


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