Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today's Adventures

At quarter of six this morning, Hubby woke me up just before he left the house on his tell me that Medium had had an accident during the night, and he'd gotten her cleaned up but hadn't stripped the bed.  So Medium climbed into bed wearing just panties and we both went back to sleep.

It was obvious when Small joined us in bed that she was still running a pretty hefty fever, so I mentally penciled in a visit to the walk-in clinic.

The normally staid PA that we saw there was the most animated I've ever seen him.  It was comical.  The man should have gone into pediatrics; he was that good with Small, who was NOT happy about the throat swab to run a rapid strep test (negative, which was both good and bad...good, because who wants strep, and bad, because that meant it was viral, which increased the likelihood that the other two would get this and I'd be having all kinds of fun).  I've never seen him smile that much.  When he saw us at the check-out, where the Fries were all getting stickers, they giggled over his gruff-yet-humorous, "Why are you still here?"

I enforced naptime after lunch.  I managed a bit of one myself, even after texting back and forth with Mitzy about her arrival time tonight and what our plans were after the girls were in bed.

Made a quick run to the pharmacy after I got dinner in the oven, where the kids amused themselves with asking a zillion questions, and I found myself dumbing down the process of photosynthesis and oxygen release to explain to Medium that trees didn't breath for us, but because they take bad stuff out and release good stuff, they help us breathe.

Dinner was thankfully a hit, and Jester & Mitzy's arrival was even more of a hit.

The kids are in bed, and the three of us are watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Not a bad day, I suppose.

"Oh, look.  More desert."

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